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Titanium Alloy V6 Nozzle

Titanium Alloy V6 Nozzle

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V6 style nozzles produced from TC4 titanium alloy. 

The composition of TC4 titanium alloy material is Ti-6Al-4V, which belongs to (a+b) type titanium alloy, which has good comprehensive mechanical and mechanical properties and high specific strength.

The strength of TC4 is sb=1, 012 MPa, density g=4.4×103, specific

strength sb/g=23.5, and the specific strength sb/g of alloy steel is less than

18. Titanium alloy has low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is

1/5 of steel, 1/13 of aluminium alloy, 1/25 of copper, and thermal

conductivity of TC4 l=7.955 W/m·K. The above data is for reference only.


1. High strength

2. Good corrosion resistance

3. High heat resistance

4. Wear resistance

5. Finer processing

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