About Us

The Design Hub is the first and only 3D printing store in the Isle of Man. We are based in Unit 20, St Paul's Square, Ramsey.

We provide everything you need for 3D printing:

- 3D printers

- 3D printing materials

- 3D printing components



Why Chose The Design Hub? 

Material selection - It is crucial that for any item the correct material is selected as there is not a magic material that will suit every job. We select the best material for your application through not only our professional experience but also through years of studying. We offer a wide range of materials and post processing to make sure your product is of the highest quality.


Manufacturing engineering - I have several years experience as an engineer, from working on 5 axis CNC equipment, to manual machinery. What's the difference between a product working perfectly or failing? Well it can be as little as 0.1mm (that's the thickness of two human hairs). The Design Hub has some of the latest 3D printing equipment as well as industry leading software which can deliver the highest quality and detail your product deserves.


Hands on experience - As well as manufacturing experience, I have on-the-tools hands on experience. So how can this help you? Every product we design is made so it fits our customer's design brief, whilst being easy and low cost to maintain.


Sustainability - We are an official stockist for filamentive which prides itself on its green credentials including recycled filament range. In addition, our 3DQF range is produced right here in the UK.


The Design Hub is committed to offering the highest quality products with the expert service you would expect.


Want to know more? Give me a message and I'd be delighted to have a chat.


Looking forward to working with you soon!