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Sunlu Resin - Dark Grey - 1Kg

Sunlu Resin - Dark Grey - 1Kg

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Sunlu Resin - Dark Grey 
Standard Resin
Supplied in a 1Kg bottle

Net weight: 1 KG

Gross weight/box: 1.19KG

Bottom Exposure: 60s (RGB Screen)

Normal Exposure: 6-8s (RGB Screen)

Solid Density: 1.195g/cm3

Shrinkage: 4-5%

Hardness :80D±10%

Number of bottom layers: 8-16

Viscosity(25℃): 150-350Mpa-s

Liquid Density: 1.05-1.25g/cm3

Printing thickness: 0.025-0.05mm

Flexure Strength: 61.171±10%

Extension Strength: 49.118±10%Mpa

Elongation at Break: 10.002±10%

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